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Facts, Timeline and History about the life of Vasco Da Gama

*1460: Vasco Da Gama was born in Sines, Portugal
He came from a noble Portuguese family and his father was a distinguished soldier.
Gama was well educated and was taught several languages, physics, geometry,
mathematics and astronomy

*1492: King John Paul II of Portugal sent Gama to Setubal, on the Lisbon coast to seize French ships for French raids against Portuguese ships

*1497: (January): Vasco da Gama was to find a sea route to the East Indies

*1497: (July 8): Gama sailed from Lisbon under the leadership of the three Gama
brothers; Vasco, Paulo and Nicolao, accompanied by a crew of 150 men

*1497: (November 22): Vasco da Gama sailed around the Cape of Good Hope

*1497: (December 25): Gama reached the coast of Natal

*1498: (January): Gama reached the mouth of Zambezi. They were attacked by the Arabs

*1498. (May 20): The voyage of discovery reached its destination-the Indies and Calcutta, India

*1498: (October 5): Vasco da Gama sets sail for home (Portugal)

*1499. (September): Gama returns to Portugal, with pride. Made "Admiral of the Indian Ocean"

*1502: King Manuel I of Portugal sends Gama on another expedition to India

*1503: Gama returns to Portugal

*1519: The title of "Count" is bestowed on Vasco da Gama

*1524: King John III sends Gama to India as the Portuguese viceroy
On 24th January, Vasco da Gama dies in Cochin on the Malabar coast, India

*1539: The remains of Gama are returned to Portugal and his body is lain to rest in Vidigueira
*Did you know?
Currently, Vasco da Gama's Route to India has taken shape as the latest major intercontinental submarine cable project--a massive 28,000km system that follows do Gama's path and stretches all the way from Europe around Africa to Asia!