Monday, August 6, 2007

Tips for an interested Maritime Explorer

•What to bring?

On Storage Ship

- Fresh drinking water

- Food(e.g. meat and vegetables)

- Important navigational equipment (eg. astrolabes, a compass, nocturnals, maps etc)

- Ordinary and thick clothes (in case of cold weather)

- Lamps to see in the dark at night

- Weapons to protect yourself from pirates or enemies,etc

-Knives and axes to cut meat and cut wood to make fire

- Medication,herbs in case illnesses break out on ship.E.g scurvy

- Climbing equipment like rope when you go hiking on land

- Sewing kits for any case of tattered clothing

- Money or goods to be used in trade

- Proper storage boxes, so trade materials remain in good quality once destination is reached.

Tips in Trading

- Be friendly with the trader

- Be negotiable with the trader( Be flexible in the deals being made)

- Remember to make sure and check that your goods are of excellent quality and unique.

- Find out about where this trader is from so that you can find out new places and learn about the place.